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Julien Palast
“Skin Deep”

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Albert Madaula

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Anonymous asked:
Thanks, I just miss how things were, I miss sex, I miss being able to feel comfortable, I miss feeling loved, even though it was probably fake love. I just miss feeling ok.

You just have to stay busy.  Always find something to preoccupy your mind.

Anonymous asked:
If you do ever work up enough courage to kill yourself and not just post about do you have an age in mind? If you're going to commit suicide why not make it fabulous? Takes selfies you social media whore and I actually mean this in a nice way.

Obviously you didn’t mean it in a nice way.  But, I just like to vent my thoughts on tumblr.  And those are just my real and honest thoughts that I’m venting.  It’s nice and makes me feel better to get it out.

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